Issue #5 of The Shadowed Circle has been released! We apologize for the late announcement on the website, but we were doing some housecleaning here and plain forgot to do the update. Domestic subscribers should mostly have received their issues by now, and international subscribers will be receiving theirs in the next few weeks.

We've got a lot of great articles in this one, ranging from Malcolm Deeley's ongoing series discussing The Shadow in world history to Dick Myers' examination of the inner workings of The Shadow's organization. We also have a few newcomers like Loyd Auerbach and MJ Moran, writing about their para-psychological interactions with Walter B. Gibson and comparisons between The Shadow and Doc Savage's first stories respectively.

If these articles catch your interest and you are not yet subscribed, please fill out the subscription form on this website. You won't want to miss this issue!

Shadowed Circle Issue Five

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