Want to submit either an article or artwork to The Shadowed Circle? We are always looking for new Shadow content to fill our magazine, and it is only through your submissions that we can sustain this publication. At the bottom of this page is a submission form for both articles and artwork, but before you fill it out, we highly recommend you read our article and art recommendations below. This will give you a better idea of what we are looking for and will improve the chances of your work being accepted. Article and art contributors receives copies of the issue(s) in which your work appears.

Please note that if you have an idea for an article and/or artwork, but don't have anything completed, we recommend you contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. first before you submit here. We're more than happy to listen to your idea and answer whether we would want it, but this page is for completed submissions.

Writing We Are Looking For:

  • Character Profiles (Discussions about any character present in Shadow franchise is welcome. From the Shadow himself to the lowliest one-off character who only showed up once.)
  • Interviews (The Shadow franchise has included a wide variety of creatives. Learning about how they worked with the Shadow and how the experience shaped them would be fine.)
  • Articles about Shadow Media (Anything talking about Shadow books, radio shows, comics, movies, and other mediums. This also includes media that isn't technically Shadow fiction, but which discusses the Shadow like review books or biographies of Shadow creatives. Reviews, discussions, and personal essays are all welcome!)
  • Any other Nonfictional Discussion/Activity (There are other ways to talk about the Shadow. From interactive online modules to geographical tracking of each Shadow adventure, there is no limit to what kind of article you can write for us. As long as it is nonfictional, feel free to submit it!)

Writing We Are NOT Looking For:

  • New Shadow fiction (We do not own the copyright to the Shadow and thus are in no position to create new stories featuring the character. Only nonfictional material will be accepted.)
  • What If Speculations (Any stories creating a speculative fictional situation [i.e. What if the Shadow fought Dracula, or what if he teamed up with Optimus Prime to defeat Emperor Palpatine?] This isn't technically considered fiction writing, but we still don't want to tread that field just yet.)
  • Articles with only a Tertiary Focus on the Shadow (The Shadowed Circle focuses on the Shadow. If your article only talks about him for one paragraph or zigzags between subjects, then this is not the publication for you. It's The Shadow or nothing!)

Our Writing Specs:

  • We will accept article submissions that are formatted as the following format types: .doc, .docx, .pdf, and .pages.
  • We are flexible about what style you format your article submission (MLA, APA, Standard Manuscript Format), and will accept anything that is at least legible and understandable. However, we do ask you make your submission as neat as you possibly can. We are not keen about receiving an article with bizarre spacing, numerous grammatical mistakes, and inconsistent indentations.
  • Title the file you submit as follows: "[Title of Article] by [Your Name]". Also, please put your Name, Email Address and Physical Mailing Address at the top of the first page of your article. This will help us keep track of your article should we accept it.

Suggested Artwork:

  • The Shadow working in his Sanctum
  • Hiding or observing on a street
  • On a building ledge, while listening to a conversation
  • Speaking to an agent
  • Driving one of his coupes
  • Using “The Devil’s Whisper”
  • Sneaking up a building stairway
  • Portraits of Agents, or a pairing of two Agents
  • and other ideas (Be creative! We love seeing new ways of depicting The Shadow!)
  • IMPORTANT: There are plenty of illustrations out there of The Shadow blazing his .45s -- so we are looking for something different than that.

Our Art Specs:

  • Interior black and white illustrations can be either in vertical or horizontal format.
  • Covers need to be color and in vertical format only.
  • Interior Art: Black and White / Greyscale (if it’s in color, we can convert it).
  • Cover Art: Color in RGB– 300 dpi.
  • Acceptable File formats: .png - .jpg - .psd (flat, no layers).
  • For all art submissions, please put your name and physical address in the body of the submission email that you send.

Once you've got everything ready, fill out the form below and send in your work. We can't wait to see what you've made!

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