Issue #6 of The Shadowed Circle has been released! Apologies for the late announcement here on the website; with both our Compendium Kickstarter and the release of this issue, we were positively flooded with things to do. Domestic subscribers should have received their issues by now, and most international subscribers should have them now as well.

Being a special themed issue, we've got a lot of great articles focused on Shadow agent Myra Reldon in this one. Tim King provides a checklist of Myra's appearances in THE SHADOW MAGAZINE, Malcolm Deeley talks about one of Myra's rare comic book appearances in THE DEATH OF MARGO LANE, and Will Murray talks about The Shadow's Chinatown stories and how Myra was indelibly linked to the locale through her Ming Dwan disguise.

If any of these articles interest you, but you don't have a subscription, please visit our Amazon Links page to get Issue #6 and our entire backlog of issues. And if you'd like to get a subscription for the next three-issue cycle of The Shadowed Circle, you can visit our Subscription page. Make sure you don't miss a single issue!

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